The Empire Strikes Back: Bosh Refutes Colangelo's Claims.

A day after being called out by Toronto Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo, (who insinuated that Chris Bosh had quit on his team last year by not playing through pain) Bosh replied.

” I put my heart and soul into that team.”

“I play this game as hard as I can every time I step on the court,” Bosh said. “On the back of my jersey it says ‘Bosh’ … The Boshes are hard workers. We have a lot of pride in what we do, in our jobs and in life.”

Bosh then went on to say that he was not certain at first if he was even going to leave the Raptors. He disputed that despite claims his bags were packed from day one of free agency it was actually quite difficult to leave.

“Everybody thinks, ‘Oh, he was gone as soon as the season was over,’” he said. “It was the hardest decision I ever had to make. As different as another country is, it was still home for me. I had been there for seven years.”

  • ryansproviero

    I love how Colangelo and Gilbert claim that their former stars quit them yet both were still ready and willing to pay them max contracts. Not only that but neither of them had the guts to even suggest this to either player when the actual situation occurred.

    Playing to the fans is exactly what the Gilbert and Colangelo were doing is speaking badly about the new bad guys but they both end up looking foolish and ill-advised. Sure some fans related to the reactions but many didn’t and those are usually the fans that actually care about getting back up instead of crying over spilled milk.

  • johnnydwall

    I’m sure the decision for Bosh was not as hard as it was for Lebron. If I were Bosh I would have had my bags packed before the last game of the 2010 season. Who wants to play for a Franchise that is not showing capabilities of improving? If anyone watches Basketball they know that Bosh as an elite player he just never had that wing man he needed to succeed.

  • hotnuke

    As Ryan said, Benny, Colangelo and Gilbert seem like total putz with these statements, considering they were willing to pay both of these players over $120 million. I guess they’re into throwing their hard-earned millions at “quitters”…lol