LeBron James GQ Interview: Return To Cleveland Could Be Fit For a King

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This article is strictly speculative in nature; but allow me to pose this to you. In his latest interview James sat down with GQ and stated that he would not rule out a return to Cleveland one day.

This got me to thinking. What if LeBron’s ultimate plan is to one day own the Cleveland Cavaliers? Then his “Decision”could end up being seen as a magnificent move on his part.

Say you are LeBron James. You have stated your ultimate goal one day is to own an NBA franchise. You want to buy the Cavaliers, but currently they’re valued at $476 million by Forbes Magazine. Thanks to your presence, the organizations value has sky rocketed to the fifth highest in the league.

On top of the inflated figure, the current owner rubs you as being disingenuous. You always have this suspicion that he’s a phony hypocrite. You know he seems like the type of guy that would just lie to you to your face.

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