LeBron James' Should Be Charles Barkley's Role Model

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There is a saying that “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.”

Despite those words of wisdom Charles Barkley has made it his mission to attack a player who made what he felt was the best possible move for his career. He’s come out on record speaking negatively about LeBron James’ and his “Decision” practically every week since he chose to go to Miami.  As if what LeBron did was such a tragic thing. As though James is suddenly the “bad guy” in all of this.

Well Barkley you sir are far from exemplary and have made your share of mistakes. I think So to come out and constantly criticize the choice of a guy who actually has been a law abiding citizen is down right ridiculous.

What’s really funny is that Barkley is now a hypocrite too.

Why would you want James to stay in Cleveland. Wasn’t it you that said last year that it’s a dreary city? That it would be horrible to live there?

Barkley’s quote on a TNT broadcast was “there is no reason to live in Cleveland, that’s why they call it the mistake by the lake.  They didn’t come up with that for no reason.”

So then why not applaud James choosing to move to sunny South Florida? Why not congratulate him for taking less money to play for titles instead of more money to boost your ego and bank account?

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