LeBron James' Should Be Charles Barkley's Role Model

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Is it because you went on record as saying that ” nobody in their right mind is going to leave $30 to $40 million dollars on the table.”

Some people are actually fiscally responsible Chuck. Some know how to invest wisely and avoid giant losses due to a gambling addiction.

The more he opens his big mouth the clearer it gets that Chuck is simply looking for a way to remain relevant.

Barkley is the last person who should make disparaging comments on  James. Throughout his career he constantly made one mistake after another. Be it by spitting on a little girl/fan in New Jersey, dodging huge casino/gambling debts. Getting into fights on and off the court. Being arrested for suspicion of DUI or allegedly trying to pay for sex.

It seems Barkley is just spewing garbage and that aroma emanating from his mouth is one of sour grapes.

What’s wrong Chucky? Is it lonely in that club of former NBA stars without rings. Is Karl Malone and Patrick Ewing’s company not enjoyable enough? Did you really desire to see James join you in the abyss of darkness and depression that is being a has been with no ring?

Public Image/Conduct

How many times has LeBron been arrested? How many times has he been accused of bedding a bevy of women. Any rape allegations? Any DUI stops? Caught with drugs? Public altercations? Does he have kids running around the country that he fathered with different women?

The answer to all of this is a resounding NO.

James has done absolutely nothing wrong during his career. This is not to say the guy is a saint but give credit where it is due. How easy would it have been for a guy who had over $90 million dollars before ever actually setting foot on an NBA court to just go crazy and “make it rain” at strip joints all day and night?

Keep in mind this was an 18 year old kid at the time. He’s a teenager and had that much money. How easily could he have just slipped up and fallen into that group of former star athletes turned social pariahs?

Yet James never has gotten into any trouble. He has an ego…yes. But then again who wouldn’t when you constantly have people in your ear saying you’re the greatest and calling you king? Who wouldn’t be a bit self indulged when you’re able to do things on the court that no man with your size and frame ever has before you? When you’re a two time NBA MVP and you’re only 25?

If that’s the worst of LeBron then he’s pretty damn special.

By choosing to play alongside Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, James showed he’s not all about ego. He may have even realized he needed to get away from Cleveland in order to be the best he could be. That playing playing alongside two perennial All Stars would help motivate and push him to another level.

The choice itself actually shows how much James cares for the game. Not just for the game but for the concept of a team. For the quest to be a champion. Not just one title but maybe create a dynasty that will forever be remembered and spoken of by future generations.

Meanwhile what about Barkley?

He was certainly a great player in his day but to hear him talk makes one scratch their head. Charles actually thinks he is the best player after Michael Jordan to ever play the game. Barkley has been quoted saying that no player today compares to him. Talk about a narcissistic attitude.

On top of that Barkley is a degenerate when it comes to drinking, gambling and committing adultery.

In New Jersey he once spit on a little girl because he was being heckled by fans and tried to be classless and tried to get them back. Well it seems Chucks spit was as off as his shot that evening and instead he hit a poor innocent fan.

In 1997 he threw a guy out of a window at an Orlando bar/club because the guy tossed a piece of ice at Chuck and some lady friends. Mind you a simple punch to someone half his size would’ve sufficed. Instead Barkley felt it appropriate to grab the guy and hurl him through glass.

He’s had on court fights but that one get’s a pass because it’s in the heat of battle. Besides who didn’t enjoy seeing Shaquille O’Neal get slammed on his butt.

Barkley was also linked to an attempt at soliciting sex. In San Antonio ” Barkley made an appearance [one] Saturday night [at a strip club] and tried propositioning one of the strippers at the end of the night to come back to his hotel room with him.”

The dancer flat out turned down fat Chuck. Barkley did this.while being married with kids!

Then there’s the DUI in Phoenix where Barkley was arrested and gave the explanation that he’d run a red light because he was in a hurry to get a “BJ” from a prostitute. While funny it’s also really sad when you consider how it must impact his family.

Not just that but he was recklessly endangering the lives of other people on the road by driving under influence and flying through a stop sign. What if there was a car there Chuck? A car with an innocent person who you could have killed.

When it comes to gambling Charles has more skeletons than Arlington National Cemetery.

There are so many stories of unpaid debts to casinos. Blowing hundreds of thousands if not millions at card tables in one or two days.

One such story told of how “He was down “600” [thousand] playing black jack, Barkley-speak for $600,000. He rallied and left a $50,000 winner, but not before a disagreement with a Harrah’s High-Limit Room employee who told him the maximum bets had been reduced to $10,000.

“You got two choices,” Barkley told him. “I’m either gonna kick your ass or you have to give me back every $10,000 I’ve lost. You better get the (bleep) out of here.”

Get the feeling this guy is lucky to even still have a job. Truth is TNT needs what he offers so badly that they’re willing to look the other way no matter what Barkley does.

Charitable Work

One thing which people need to focus on more is the manner in which athletes attempt to give back to others. Being altruistic with their fortune and fame is something that athletes should be applauded for. It shows that they are at least grateful for all that they’ve been blessed with and they they are willing to give some of their time and money for worthy causes.

LeBron has made it his mission to help out as many as he possibly can.

By doing the so called “punk move” of announcing his “Decision” on ESPN in a one hour special, LeBron raised nearly $3 million for the Boys and Girls Club of America.

Frank Sanchez, vice president of sports, entertainment, and alumni relations for the nonprofit youth organization said  “We cannot be thankful enough for LeBron and the sponsors.”  “As a fund raising opportunity, it was one of our most significant contributions, and it all happened within one hour.”

Aside from the ad money raised from the event, the BGCA received much needed exposure. “The organization’s logo was strategically centered on a wall in between James and ESPN sportscaster Jim Gray, who conducted the interview.”

“You can’t monetize having our logo splashed all over the place” on prime-time TV, on-line, and on the front pages of morning newspapers, says Sanchez. “What LeBron did for our brand was huge.”

“His intention was to use what was a significant event and to leverage it to raise dollars and awareness for a club he believes in.… LeBron didn’t make a penny” from the event.

“LeBron also participates in numerous ongoing community building efforts through the LeBron James Family Foundation, which he founded in 2004. Through innovative programs and initiatives, the Foundation empowers children and single-parent families, focusing on strengthening ties between family members and building hope for those facing adversity. Among the Foundation’s most influential national programs are Meal & a Movie and the Playground Build Initiative. Meal & a Movie provides disadvantaged families with the chance to enjoy a special meal together and view a not-yet-released, family-friendly movie and the Playground Build Initiative develops safe spaces where local children and their families can bond and play.”

As if that wasn’t enough this past year LeBron also donated a million dollars out of his own pockets to ONEXONE an organization committed to supporting, preserving and improving the lives of children at home in the U.S., Canada, and around the world.

This came as a shock because many felt that he was just joshing on Entourage when he made a cameo and stated he had given them 1 million dollars. In the end it turned out to be actually true.

James’ has also gone out of his way to raise money and assist many families in his native Akron, OH. He has been honored for the success of his “King for Kids Bike-A-Thon,” in Akron. That event has raised over $400,000 for children/parents there. That’s why regardless of Cleveland’s feelings for him, Akron will always love LeBron.

“Giving back to the community is very important to me, especially since I grew up in the same neighborhoods as the people I want to help,” explains James. “Along with my Foundation, I am committed to bringing families together and showing kids how important it is that they do well in school, stay active and make a real difference in the world around them.”

By the time his career is done LeBron would have given back or raised tens of millions of dollars to those that are less fortunate.

In recognition of his outstanding efforts in the community and for his ongoing philanthropic and charitable work LeBron deserves to be praised.

Charles Barkley for his part “donated $1 million to his high school and $1 million to his college, Auburn, with the purpose of helping underprivileged kids get an education.” He also helped raise $50,000.00 for the  YMCA in his All Star day race with referee Dick Bavetta.

While Chuck has done quite a bit to help imagine how much more of his time and money could have gone to better use if not for his compulsive desire to gamble all the time.


When it’s all said and done LeBron will surpass Barkley in every possible positive way both on and off the court.

Twelve years from now the negative remarks and insults will be gone. They’ll be replaced by four or five rings which will instantly silence all critics.

James will finish with better stats than Barkley had in his career. He already has more league MVP’s.

What’s worse for Chuck is that LeBron will also have more of everything. Rings, Trophies, All Star appearances, points, money, prestige.

Do you think anyone still cares that Shaq had to leave Orlando to get a ring? Nooope.

In the end all that matters is what you do in this world and that it hopefully “echos in eternity.”

LeBron James understands this and is setting about his own journey to immortality. He’s not doing it your way Chuck, but rather how he deems fit. Thus far all his moves have been pretty good. LeBron for all his accomplishments is still not even in the prime of his career. He will leave a defining legacy before it’s all done.

As for Barkley well he’s the guy that Michael Jordan called fat and insinuated he’d never win because he had no desire/will to be the best. Jordan flat out said you had no work ethic.

Barkley played for the money, LeBron is playing for that and much much more

In Closing

Chuck stop being bitter. Stop being an attention seeking diva. Stop cheating on your wife and family. Stop gambling away your kids inheritance money.

Just brush that chip off your shoulder and be happy with you blessings. Continue doing your tongue in cheek NBA commentating and leave the actual judging to people that merit the right to do so.

Perhaps you just need a hug. Someone to tell you that you’re not as fat and bloated as you seem. That you aren’t making a mockery of yourself every time you talk before thinking.

Most of all Chuck how’s about you just stop trying so hard to be a clown. You’re naturally funny but lately you’ve become a jackass. I think it’s time to stand in front of really big and wide mirror and take a long hard look. Hopefully you’ll come away from that with a desire to treat your family better. To not look at women in such a misogynistic way. Perhaps you’ll learn that you should pay what you owe. That you shouldn’t endanger peoples lives by driving drunk and carelessly.

Maybe you just need a role model. I think LeBron would be a ideal for you. A meeting can definitely be arranged and you can ask for forgiveness before LeBron puts your remarks to shame in the next few seasons.

Who knows if you’re nice enough the “King” may even knight you. Imagine that Sir Charles, nice ring to it. You’d just have to get on your knees and instead of using a sword LeBron would touch your shoulders with the “giant royal penis.”

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