NBA Superstar Dwyane Wade Goes Undercover for Gatorade's G Series Pro

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NBA Superstar Dwyane Wade recently went undercover at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Chicago on behalf of Gatorade’s “G Series Pro.”

“Dressed incognito as “Gordon,” a Dick’s employee, Dwyane shared his all-star personality and wealth of knowledge about the product with both customers and fellow employees alike”

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  • mbb76

    This is funny stuff! What other athletes could pull this off? I’d like to see Miller try it out!

  • heatgirl

    Are you kidding me??? How do people not recognize him!! I remember back in when Kapono and Doleac walked into my restaurant and flipped out!!! I recognized them immediately (and no, they were not wearing a uniform) … This video is tooo funny! LOL

    • bennyvargas

      You know you’re a fan when you can pick out avg white dude Jason Kapono in a crowded restaurant…kind of funny too that they’d be hanging out together.. where was Jason Williams?.. good

  • Pedro Heizer

    the funny part is, this was at a Dick’s Sporting Goods in CHICAGO!