Gatorade REPLAY Rekindles Glory Days For Crusaders and Trojans

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A great sports game doesn’t require for there to be 30-80,000 fans in the stands. Millionaire athletes aren’t a prerequisite either. Nor do you need to be playing for the Larry O’Brien Trophy, Stanley Cup or any other prize with a familiar name.

That’s the best thing about sports. It’s beautiful in its simplicity. You don’t need guys whose jerseys are worn across the globe. You just need two teams willing to compete and give it their all.

An incredibly competitive and thrilling match took place Friday night in Illinois and you’re never going to see it on Sports Center or ESPN Classic. Still that doesn’t take away from the sporting spectacle that transpired.

Gatorade put together an event that many of the 2,380 in attendance will be talking about for years to come.

REPLAY 3 between the Brother Rice Crusaders and the Bloom Township Blazing Trojans seemed more like an NBA playoff game than an exhibition match of two squads filled with guys who’s playing days had ended a decade ago.

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