AUCH Interview: Dwight Howard Plans On Being The Best Center Ever!!!

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Dwight Howard is a beast of a player when he’s on the court, but it’s when he’s off it that his true colors shine through.

During our interview with him in Chicago, where Howard was on hand to coach a team for Gatorade’s REPLAY series, we got to see a different side to him. Turns out that the guy who dunks on other players left and right with ferocious intensity is also a fun loving joker.

From the pregame warm-ups to the post game news conference, Howard was constantly seen sporting a smile and cracking a joke or two.

The best had to be his Charles Barkley impersonation, which Howard has got down pact. He was walking around messing with Dwyane Wade and saying how his team was “Teh-ruh-ble”.

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