Random Stuff: JT Calls Bill Parcells a Douche

Today on the Dan LeBatard Show , Jason Taylor, who is preparing for his first game against his long time team, ran down a list of likes and dislikes during a lighthearted segment with the two hosts. 

Fohawk hair cuts: Douche

Sandals with Jeans: No Douche

Terrell Owens: No Douche

Soul Patch facial hair: Douche

Fireman Ed (Jets fan): Douche until 2010 now No Douche.

Nick Saban: No Douche

Bill Parcells: Douche

Can’t blame Taylor for feeling displeased with his former boss.  After all his years of service, the Dolphins didn’t submit the future hall of famer’s agent a contract offer this offseason.

There’s a saying ” if you love something let it go, if it comes back to you it’s yours.” Well Taylor was let go and came back, seems like the Dolphins should have tried a little harder to keep him. The thought of JT in Jets green is enough to make a Dolphins fan sick.

  • johnnydwall

    The Dan Lebetard show mentioned allucanheat on todays show. Dan got a hilariously nervous because this article was reported so quickly . You can check it out on the 790 podcast on 790theticket.com towards the end of the Dan Lebetard show after the Jason Taylor interview.