Miami 105 Detroit 89: Heat Show They Can Win With Just Two Stars

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Well despite all the hype we only got to see the “Three Kings” on the floor for a total of three minutes during Tuesday nights preseason opener.  Judging by the celebrities in the arena one could almost forget that this was a meaningless tune up match.

Miami proved that even with one of their three main stars missing they can still put out a formidable line up on the court.  LeBron and Bosh both had successful debuts during the win. With Wade out, James took control by scoring 18 points in 27 minutes, while Bosh finished with a 20-point, six-rebound performance in 26 minutes.

The most important thing now becomes Wade’s health, he is expected to miss at least a week, which would sideline him for a couple exhisbition games.

“It’s a slight tweak of his hamstring. We’ll reevaluate it in a week,” Spoelstra said. “It was really an inconsequential play. Hopefully, it’s not too serious.”

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  • Hotnuke

    The only thing that worries me about this injury is that Wade’s initial absence will be used to fuel the fires of those who want to push the concept that this is “LeBron’s” team, rather than, as I fully believe, a TEAM, with no one dominating it in the way they envision.

    While I don’t think their voices in that regard will truly affect the team itself, it just may come to dominate the media’s stories about the team, which would be a shame since there are plenty of much greater things for them to be talking and writing about than such meaningless tripe.