LeBron’s Kingdom Will Reign Over Miami: Expect the Heat To Rely on James Most

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It’s Wade’s team. It’s Riley’s team. It’s Micky Arison’s team. These are the remarks you get from people who don’t understand basketball. People who have yet to truly be exposed to all that is LeBron James.

When you live in South Florida it’s easy to sometimes forget about other teams and players outside of your market. You gather all your information and insight from SportsCenter highlights and commentary. You hear that LeBron failed to win it all again, and therefore you just make the assumption that he’s no good. That he’s a choker.

Time for a reality check. LeBron is the best player in this league, and he hasn’t even reached his full potential. You are talking about a two-time MVP that is still just 25 years of age. That’s unheard of in the history of sports. He was voted the league’s best player twice, and he still has more than 11-12 years of basketball ahead of him.

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  • http://www.falloutsheltersports.com Hotnuke

    I have to respectfully disagree with you on this piece, Benny. I know it’s de rigueur to claim this will be Wade’s or LeBron’s team (one or the other), but as I’ve said before, that is simply old thinking. It has as a premise the archaic belief that it will be ANYONE’S team, rather than simply a TEAM.

    Not trying to disrespect you, but this article is pretty much the same thing Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports said in his column from yesterday, “Wade Cedes Heat Throne to King James”. I’m sorry, but I think his view, as well as yours “cedes” the idea this “team” will be dominated by either, when in fact it’ll transform the NBA precisely because it’ll be a TEAM.

    The Miami Heat over the next 7 years will epitomize the team concept, and bring us back to the heyday of the NBA (1950-1970) when team ball was supreme.

  • YGN305

    Lebron may be the most athletic and is freakishly built. He may have a great IQ, and has the potential to be the modern day magic johnson. But, besides kobe, Wade is the closest to micheal jordan we have in the league. Unlike you i don’t rate players merely off potential, if that was the case kevin Durant wud be above kobe bryant, beaing that kobe’s getting no younger. The question I ask myself is who do you want with the ball for the last shot. And it’s not even a question….DWAYNE WADE, lebron has not shown that cluych gene that the legends have had, and now that he’s on our team, i don’t think he will ever show it. because at the end of the day, Wade is taking the last shot. WHY? Because he’s proven time and again that he’s comfortable in that situation, lebron, uhh, not so much. So while your praising lebron for his mvp’s, remember who hity those clutch shots in the finals in 06 my friend.


  • bennyvargas

    YGN I agree Wade is much more like Jordan than LeBron

  • Heatgirl

    I am a HUGE Wade fan but honestly at the age of 30 this will be Lebrons team. Even tho Dwyane is our “Dan Marino” of basketball, I just cant see his body holding up after all his injuries and body demolishing plays he has endured throughout his career.