On Second Thought: Heat Made Two Mistakes This Summer

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Miami had the greatest off season in the history of sports/free agency. That said there’s a couple mistakes which they may regret.

After seeing Shaq in David Serna’s video can’t help but think the Heat missed out by not signing him. The guy seems to be in good shape and his addition would have basically sealed a title for Miami. I can understand the reasons for not wanting him, he’s a potential locker room cancer that burned too many bridges on the way out. Still he played last year with LeBron in Cleveland and didn’t have any problems. Who knows maybe he or J.O might get cut.

The second misstep was waving Patrick Beverley. His defense and quickness would have been great to have coming off the bench depending on game situations. Keeping Jamal Magloire and Juwan Howard is somewhat frustrating. Miami won’t have many high picks in the next few years so keeping a young player like Beverley could have paid dividends down the road and right now. Instead we have two AARP members.

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