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Dwyane Wade is Back: Miami's Big Three Prove to be Superman's Kryptonite in 96-70 Win Over Orlando

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Wade led the way with 26 points. James added 15 points six boards and seven assists while Chris Bosh contributed 11 points and 10 boards. The Heat went 9 for 18 from the three point stripe too,

However the single biggest factor in Miami’s cakewalk win was the Heat’s ability to draw Dwight Howard into committing costly fouls. Orlando can’t survive without their Superman and Miami’s Three Kings seem to be his kryptonite. We were barely into the second half when Howard found himself confined to the bench after picking up his fifth foul. All three Heat Super Friends drew at least one against the leagues best big man.

This is why Boston will pose the biggest threat to a Heat NBA Final’s appearance. Because unlike Orlando, Boston has the roster depth and balance to not have to worry about anyone player getting into foul trouble.

Even then the Celtics might not be much of a match come May/June either.

After all Miami played as bad as they possibly can and still were in the game with less than two minutes in the game. The best gauge for how good this team can be will come on December 25 in Los Angeles.

The most encouraging sign has to be the hustle and defense that Miami displayed against Orlando. It seemed as though their were Heat hands all over the place forcing bad passes and shots.

Both early and late in the third quarter the Heat went on runs during which the team seemed possessed.

If tonight’s performance was a sign of things to come then the rest of the league is in some really deep dog poop.

A healthy and explosive Wade, along with a stellar and dominant James will one day be considered the leagues greatest tandem ever. Forget Shaq and Kobe or Jordan and Pippen. These two guys are the best thing since sliced bread. They are the two best players in the NBA and they’re on the same side.

Give it time, this team will be really great really soon. The talent that has been assembled will eventually fuse and become practically unbeatable. Mike Miller’s addition will serve as the final piece of the puzzle which will make this into the leagues most daunting

In the mean time James Jones play has to be extremely encouraging. He struggled in Boston but has put together two quality games and seems to be finding his rhythm.

As if the Heat’s Big Three needed much help, they’re getting pretty solid play from most of the guys in their rotation. If this continues then Miami will be enjoying many easy wins like this one.

Can’t wait to see how they do next time against the Celtics. got a feeling it’s going to be a completely different result. Until then look for Miami to go on an extended winning streak as they proceed on their journey into the land of legends.

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