Miami Heat's Loss In New Orleans Wasn't Easy But Isn't That Big Either.

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A big deal will be made every time the Heat lose but that doesn’t matter. This team doesn’t need to challenge or strive for 72 wins. This season is one in which they must find a way to fuse in order to hit their peak come playoff time.

This game will actually go a long way in helping Miami more than it will hurt them. This type of challenge is what lets you properly evaluate what you got on your roster. Who can be counted on to do what.

The thing worth taking in this game is that, while Chris Bosh may have great range for a big man, he plays soft and has no hands. This isn’t based just on last night’s game. It’s something that is becoming obvious and is indicative that Miami still needs one more big man to help in the rotation. Remains to be seen whether Dex Pittman can be that guy.

Carlos Arroyo also is starting to look out of place on the court with the rest of the starting unit. Patrick Beverley was definitely worth keeping and taking a look at. Can someone explain where Juwan Howard is being hidden? Why give him a roster spot when it could have gone to a fast and defensive minded point guard that can create scoring opportunities for teammates off his dribble?

Pat Riley is going to need to consider bringing in some more reinforcements. It is obvious they need an athletic and legitimate seven footer down low along with a point guard that can actually play defense or atleast one that can consistently hit a mid-range jumper.

This is not a finished product. The question becomes who gets brought in and when, in order to supply James and Wade with the right supporting cast.

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