Abracadabra Holmes: Heat In Need Of Some Anti-Curse Magic

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I don’t practice Santeria, I ain’t got no crystal ball but the Miami Heat need a Voodoo priest or witch doctor in a major way.

Wade out yet again “not a good trend early in the season”, Haslem hurt and carried off the court “on what appeared to be soft contact” & Spoelstra making horrible substitutions in the last quarter “now you insert Chalmers?”. As if that wasn’t enough you had Rudy Gay hitting a buzzer beater over LeBron James to hand the Heat a gut wrenching 97-95 loss.

The icing was the stupid stare down Gay gave the Heat bench after nailing the winner. Someone on the Heat bench (cough cough Magloire) should have grabbed Gay by his neck and walked him back to his coach. All the while reminding him he’s on a losing team and has yet to win anything in the league.

Yes folks it was the “Perfect Shit Storm” unleashing itself on the Heat.

In reality Miami should feel fortunate to be sneaking out of Dodge without sustaining further damage as both James and Chris Bosh seemed to be taking and delivering a lot of contact in what was a very hard fought game. At one point James suffered a hard fall and for a moment things seemed like they were going to get really scary. Luckily James bounced back up and ran down the court allowing heat fans everywhere to breathe a little bit easier.

Could Dan Gilbert’s “Curse” be starting before our very eyes?

Gilbert does have that look that he may have come from Gypsies. Great we’ve been “Frickin Gypsy Cursed.”

“Don’t you put that evil on us Dan Gilbert, don’t you put that on us.”

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