In a New York Minute, Nothing Has Changed: Heat Still Way Ahead of Knicks

Hey New York welcome to the wonderful world of basketball relevance.  Now you get to compete for the distinction of being second fiddle to Miami for the next five years.

Regardless of how the reknewed Heat-Knicks rivalry unfolds, rest assured that no one is smiling more than David Stern and league executives. Look at the top six teams in the Eastern Conference. Boston, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Orlando and New York. That’s essentially the top markets on the east coast all set to contend and battle it out for years to come.

Yes New York you finally landed Melo, but I don’t want to hear one more Knicks fan say that Anthony is as good as LeBron James.. that’s a joke.  James is head and shoulders above Anthony who many view as  a horrible defender and ball hog. Not sure about other Heat fans but I wouldn’t take Anthony over any one of Miami’s “Big 3″.

The Knicks are better but they’re still not an elite team despite having three players that have been considered elite in their careers.  New York is still not in the same class as Miami or Boston and this trade will never trump the talent that Pat Riley assembled this offseason.

Do you really think Zeke (Isiah Thomas) can do what the Godfather did? No chance. That actually leads to another reason why the Knicks will fail, they’re letting go of Donnie Walsh to rehire a guy that set the franchise back eight years because of his poor choices as the teams general manager.

Look at how much they gave up just to acquire him. They allowed the New Jersey Nets and their owner to drive up the bidding until they had no choice but to grab their knees and allow Denver to go deep into their vault.

In my opinion Anthony peaked as a freshman in college and has been little more than our generations Dominique Wilkins, minus the highlight/acrobatical dunks because his fat butt can’t sky like Wilkins used to. In either case they’re both capable scorers who can’t do much else and that includes ever winning an NBA title. Simply put Carmelo Anthony is the most over rated NBA star in the league. His addition may help sell some jerseys but that’s about as good as it’s going to get for the Knicks after this trade. After all there can be only one dynasty and the Heat already began building Rome in Miami this past Summer.

  • Another Miami Idiot

    This has to be one of the dumbest articles I’ve read. You’re clearly writing from the standpoint of an emotional (because there’s no logic involved in your article) heat fan who is still bitter because the Knicks use to wax the floor with Miami. Not to mention Miami isn’t beating Boston this year sorry try again next season. Are the knicks better than the heat or celtics this year no but this trade isn’t about this year it is about the next 2-4 years. Add a center that can play D such as Chandler in the off season and trade for Cp3/Williams or land one of the two the following season and you’re telling me the Knicks can’t compete with the heat nonsense. Anthony’s overrated lol he’s impossible to guard he can shoot the mid range jumper, shoot the 3 ball, beat you off the dribble, post you up and he’s a solid rebounder for his position. He and Durant are the two best pure scorers in the nba. He peaked in college but his numbers continued to improve later in his career you should just stop writing about basketball. Also I haven’t heard any Knicks fans say he was a better all around player than Lebron but he’s certainly light years ahead of Bosh and is a top 10 talent. Outside of Felton the Knicks gave up a bunch of role players, and Billups will do a fine job replacing him Felton was only signed to a two year contract for a reason. You’re either an extremely biased heat fan or know absolutely nothing about basketball maybe it’s both.

  • bennyvargas

    it’s a Heat blog and it’s meant to read as a reaction piece.. do you really want me to break down all the reasons why i wrote what i did… i can but it’s going to hurt…lol