StubHub Wants to Send You to the Heat vs Knicks Game on Sunday

Ok ladies and gents get ready for the mother of all giveaways so far this season. Thanks to our friends at StubHub we will be giving out 2 pairs of tickets for Sundays showdown with the hated New York Knicks. These seats are sweet as they are lower level center court. To enter just send us an email stating “StubHub, where fans buy and sell tickets, is getting me in the game.” If you aren’t one of the two lucky winners be sure to check out their site as they still have some tickets available so you can attend and watch your Miami Heat whoop up on Melo and Mare…

  • jcolon0209

    This might sound stupid but i am new here, what is the email for me to write to?

    • bennyvargas

      Hey Jose sorry for the late reply but was travelling. it’s listed above under the “About” option…

      Congratulations to our two winners of StubHub’s NY Knicks vs Miami Heat tickets Henry M and Gabriel S
      We will try to start the contest a week in advance next time to increase your chance for you and friends to participate.