Future Forecast in Miami is Very Sunny with a Great Chance for Heat

Looking at the season up to now we can take a couple things to delight in as Miami Heat fans.

For starters Wade and James are truly starting to mesh on the court. At the beginning of the season they seemed to be in each others way more than complimenting the other. Now we are starting to witness the manner in which the they can form the greatest one-two punch in league history. Alot of this is predicated on their positioning on the floor. If you want to get down to X’s and O’s it all comes down to spacing and they seem to be working with three attacking patterns on fast break chances that are having great success. All one needs for proof is to examine the plus/minus situation with both on the floor from month to month this season.

Secondly is the fact that Miami despite being injury riddled and never truly at full strength is only going to get better with the late season additions that will soon be joining them. Taking out Carlos Arroyo and Juwan Howard in place of TJ Ford/Mike Bibby and say Troy Murphy would do wonders to bolster the roster and on-court product. Then you have the possiblity of Udonis Haslem, Mike Miller and maybe even Dexter Pittman all contributing to the teams rotation. One could even go so far as to consider a talented albeit underachieving player such as Eddy Curry being added to compete for the starting center role as an upgrade.

Miami despite all its snake bitten misfortune this season is still in prime position to lock up the number one seed in the Eastern Conference. This even though everyone says they’re over rated and can’t play together. Well guess what, if they’re this good when playing bad, just pray they don’t find a way to run on all cylinders. Looking at the season every game versus Boston boils down to lapses in the second and third quarters. Miami has managed to storm back everytime and make it tight for Boston at the end. Just imagine if they can put a full 48 minutes together. This will all be made much more possible by replacing current players with the cavalry that is soon to arrive.

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