Looking Back on the Heat and Knicks Rivalry

Whether it be P.J. Brown body slamming Charlie Ward to the ground or former teammates Alonzo Mourning and Larry Johnson coming to fisticuffs, it was clear that Miami and New York hated each other.  I remember watching these games as a kid, and having my every emotion hang on each possession.  Every game seemed to come down to the last minute of the 4th quarter, and every game included drama.  Here is a pretty good video that reflects on the great rivalry.

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  • http://www.duranrivera.com Wepz

    Speaking as a Knick fan- when I saw ESPN say that Lebron and Bosh both went to the Heat, I got sick to my stomach, cause as a Knick fan, I said to myself- anyone but the Heat. That goes to show. There is definitely something transcendental about this rivalry. Riley is in the middle of all of this. I don’t know what it would be like though if he leaves but.
    There’s definitely still a rivalry with the Bulls and the Knicks, but there’s more animosity- it’s more personal with the Heat though. Those years against Jordan still stings, but there’s lots more baggage beyond basketball between the Knicks and the Heat. Even the front offices of both teams where getting at each other. So, that should say what kind of rivalry this is. They are both attached at the hip. I would say that the closest rivalry to compare it to is the way in which the Red Sox and the Yankees go at it. It’s more than just the sport- it’s personal.

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