Miami Taking Aim at a Must Win Game vs Boston

With less than a week before what is turning into a potentially deciding factor in who gets the second seed in the Eastern Conference, one can’t help but wonder just how crucial can one regular season game be?

Both of these teams are assured of no less than a two or three seed, therefore it’s not as if they’re going to be fighting for their playoff lives. Still this has to be viewed as an absolute must win for the Heat. Boston has begun to show signs of fatigue, now is the time Miami must comeout and make a statement game versus an Eastern Conference power as they did versus the defending champion Lakers twice and the league leading Spurs last month.

The Heat can’t without cause for alarm go all regular season without having defeated Boston or Chicago. This isn’t so much about homecourt advantage, the TV and Print people will hype it up as such, but we all know the Celtics can win on the road in the post season. Nope this about pride and confidence. The Heat have explosiveness and youth on their side but Boston mentally owns Miami at this point in the season.

Wade, James and Bosh can all feel they’re the best in the world at their positions still none except for Wade has ever shown the mental grit and physical will to win when the spotlight has shined brightest. Meanwhile the Celtics have a bunch of experienced and postseason savvy guys who know how to do the little things needed to win when it counts.

Coach Spoelstra has three games worth of mistakes to disect on film and improvise upon. Make no mistake Miami must find a way to hamper Rondo from getting into the paint and they have to serve notice to Boston that they’re not the same team that came up short in eveyr prior contest. Now is the moment to come out and show them little leprechauns that from here on out they’re getting scorched when they step on the court. Question is do the Heat players feel the same urgence…..

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