Does "The Diesel" Have Any Gas Left in the Tank?

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Due to the lack of a defensive presence down low, Boston should struggle to contain LeBron and Wade when they attack the basket.  This will in turn pile up the fouls on Boston’s bigs and force Nenad Kristic to play.

As for the Heat, Zyndrunas Ilgauskas did not play well against Philadelphia, and Eric Dampier was inactive for the series.  Coach Spoelstra is sticking with Ilgauskas as the starter despite his recent struggles.  The hope is that he matches up better against the Celtics who are not nearly as athletic as Philly.

Due to a lack of health and skill at center, both teams may be forced to play stretches without one on the floor.  Miami would slide Chris Bosh over to the 5, and Boston has played Glenn Davis at center for stretches this year.  If both teams do decide to go small, it certainly favors Miami.  The Heat have had success using LeBron at power forward as it presents a very difficult match up for most true power forwards.

Luckily for Boston, Jeff Green is not a true power forward.  He has the length and athleticism to defend on the perimeter but lacks strength on the inside.  It will be interesting to see how these match ups play out and if both teams decide to go small.  One thing is certain, both Miami and Boston are searching to solve their issues at center.

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