NBA Playoffs 2011: Fans Dream of Heat-Lakers Finals, David Stern of its TV Ratings Windfall

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This is shaping up to be the stuff that David Stern’s dreams are made of.

At the start of the playoffs the NBA had 7 out of the top 8 cities in regards to TV market size with a team in the mix. Marquee franchises such as the Lakers, Bulls, Knicks and Celtics were all in it. There were large markets such as Atlanta, Dallas and Philadelphia buzzing with excitement.

This fortune in terms of the teams/markets involved is only heightened by the possibility of a Heat vs Lakers Final as many experts have predicted and fans have wished for.

The NBA needs this more than anything. Since 1998 when Michael Jordan last played for the Bulls the league been unable to even come close to matching the ratings for that Chicago vs Utah series. Ratings have gone from the 18.7 all time high in !998 to a 6.2 all time low in 2007.

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