Top 5 Reasons the Heat Beat Boston in Game 4.

Just a quick little glimpse into the five things that are going to be key in leading Miami to victory over Boston tonight.

1. Rondo’s Injury

Rajon Rondo won’t play and if he does he will be even more limited then he was in the second half of Game 3. Anyone that has played sports knows you can continue to play sometimes when the injury first occurs. Hell I myself have played with torn ligaments in my knee only to then feel the pain and see the swelling hours later. What Rondo did in Game 3 by returning and guiding his team in the fourth quarter should be applauded. I assure you had that been Paul Pierce his season would have been over. As is Miami will benefit greatly from a handicapped or non present Rondo.

2. LeBron James Will Blow Up

Expect LBJ to come out tonight and have his best game of the post season. I’m talking about 37 points 11 rebounds and 9 assists good. He may very well get the triple double but I expect James to score somewhere between the High 30′s, maybe even hit the 40 mark.

3. Heat Will Take Boston’s Crowd Out of it Early

Miami will finish the first quarter leading by no less than 6 points, don’t be surprised if it’s double digits. By doing so they will silence the majority of the crowd and deflate the arena before it has a chance to start to believe again. the Heat stressed the need to not fall behind early and they won’t.

4. Mario Chalmers will be the Best Player Off the Bench for Either Team.

Granted he won’t put up 25 buy look for Chalmers to finish with at leaat 15 points, 4 assists and 2 steals. Chalmers has been the man running the offense when James and Dwyane Wade have both rested at the same time. This shows Spoelstra’s confidence in letting Chalmers handle play making responsibilities instead of just using Chris Bosh in a post up game when both Heat stars are on the bench.

5. Showtime Heat

Look for the key stat of the night which will be fast break points. Miami is going to run the Celtics up and down the court til they drop. This isn’t going to be the same Boston team that had 4 days of rest before Game 3. They are now having to play in less than 48 hours of rest and the age factor is going to show up once more tonight. The Heat will take advantage of their youth and speed now that Rondo may not play.

  • Patrik

    They announced this morning that Rajon Rondo was playing. All of Boston’s injured players are a go. Did you even bother to look before typing that?

  • bennyvargas

    They said he’d give it a go. I felt based on what i felt was a severe injury that he would have too much swelling and stiffness to play… to his credit he did but couldn’t finish

  • Rod

    What is wrong with Spo? Yea we have a great defensive team but why does Spo get credit for that? He starts Bibby and Z? Those are regular season offensive players, we need Chalmers and Anthony because everybody knows defense wins championships. Can someone tell me why House isnt playing at all in the playoffs especially against Boston his old team and especially after putting up 35 against Toronto the last game of the season?? Finally we won a close game but damn all season long we lost close games and thats coaching. There is no movement on the court and with all this talent we should of swept the Celtics especially since they don’t have Perkins a key playoff player. I hope we win it all but honestly even if we do I rather have a coach players respect, whos going to respect this video coordinator who hasnt even coached a highschool basketball team? We need to start Chalmers and Anthony and have House and Jones coming off the bench. Hopefully Haslem is truly back and we have a championship team. I LOVE THE HEAT, IM A SEASON TICKET HOLDER AND I WANT EVERYONE AT THE GAME TO GO CRAZY. ENOUGH HIGH HEEL, MANICURE BS LETS TAKE IT BACK TO THE MIAMI ARENA DAYS… 305!