Top Ten Reasons I Hate the Chicago Bulls

Well since the NBA decided to take a week to play 3 games we have a bit of down time. While sitting back stewing on the dreadful showing in Game 1, I came to realize that I can’t stand the Chicago Bulls or their fans either…

With that in mind came up with the Top Ten reasons “I Hate the Chicago Bulls”, besides the obvious they beat us in Game 1 and will cry when we eliminate them in Game 6.


With no further delay “I now give you tonight’s top ten from our home office” in Sunny South Florida






10. Tom Thibodeau reminds me of Dr. Evil. While Kyle Korver looks like Ashton Kutcher and I’d like to punch both.


9. They drafted Eddy Curry and Tyson Chandler instead of Pau Gasol.


8.  They now act as though they weren’t dying to have LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, when they would have  traded Rose if they could have signed them.


7. Taj Gibson acts like he lost his virginity because he dunked on Wade. Never mind that he is 6 freaking inches taller and had a running start while Wade was planted and looking  away.


6. They get more offensive rebounds in one quarter than we do all game.


5. Because Michael Jordan isn’t their team president… Then they would have had Kwame Brown instead of Chandler or Curry because MJ would have traded picks 2 and 4 to  move up to 1 and get Kwame again.



4. Their fans are some of the most obnoxious and rude in the league by chanting obscenities that can be hard on TV. This despite countless kids tuning in or in attendance.  They are also on average the fattest fans in the NBA, which makes me wonder how they curse or clap despite having their mouths stuffed while holding a hot dog in each hand. Stay classy Chicago






3. Derrick Rose has Tyrannosaurus Rex arms and it looks freaky.





2. But not as freaky as Joakim Noah’s likeness to the Predator with its mask off.






1. And the number one reason why I hate the Chicago Bulls.

The President lied and still allows water boarding…… but only for referees that call fouls on Chicago.

  • Steve M

    You know what they say: “if you can’t take the heat, get ou…” oh wait… (;

  • UmadBRO?

    It appears as though they do not teach grammar where you’re from. Stay classy Miami.

    • bennyvargas

      I went to college in Illinois… You may want to retract that statement.

  • Heatman2477

    Haha, Chicago Bulls fans out trolling on Miami Heat sites. That’s never happened before. Why don’t you guys stop worrying about the Heat so much and do something more productive with your time… like working out! Seriously what the hell is the fascination with trolling on Miami Heat sites and message boards? All I’ve seen on any Heat news site (especially bleacher report) in the comments is Bulls fans jacking their jaws and runnin their gums. If Miami sucks so bad and they are no challenge to your city and team then why do all you Bulls fans spend all your free time posting negative comments on anything pertaining the Heat? The simple answer is FEAR!!! }: (

    • joe squellati

      You sir are gay as aids, I’m not patrolling your dumb a** sites. It’s called a Google search for Chicago bulls and this lame waste of time came up. I really hope whoever wrote this is under 10 years old because the points are pretty f’n dumb. Wow we won game 1 now calm down, I’m a realist and you guys played like shit game 1. I just hope you guys play better in game 2 because I hate blowout playoff games. In the mean time quit wasting your time and enjoy this series! Ok, bye!

      • bennyvargas

        Damn Joe… easy there bub don’t go having a stroke and croaking on us… it’s obviously a satire piece.. intended mostly for Heat fans to laugh at but thanks for signing up on FanSided…

        • Heatman2477

          Haha if it was such a waste of time why did you take the time to post… TWICE!?

          Anyways keep up the great writing Benny and I’ve enjoyed visiting here all season. Go Heat!!!

          • bennyvargas

            Thanks Heatman that comment just made all the time we put in this year worth it.. Go Heat!!!

  • Tony T

    And the REAL #1 reason why you hate the Chicago Bulls


    They’re better than the Miami HEAT!!!

    • bennyvargas

      One game does not a series make.. time will tell.. just dont forget to visit when we beat y’all

  • heatman2477

    Seriously if I come across a anti-Heat article on a site for Bulls fans or Cavs fans I don’t take the time to bash the teams or the articles… especially if i don’t like the article. Your entitled to your opinion but it’s called trolling when you post just to be negative or not add anything insightful/intelligent to the topic at hand. Plus why would you take the time reading something “a 10 year old” wrote especially when before starting the article it was anti-Bulls? If I see a “Heat sucks” article on another team site I just don’t read it because I have better things to do than read that type of stuff.

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