Big 3 to Participate in Lockout World Tour

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In addition, it also gives them leverage in the lockout negotiations.  If they can show the owners that they have the ability to organize games, either by themselves or with other organizations, it will scare the owners slightly into believing that the NBA really could fall to pieces.  This organization was also demonstrated in the charity game at FIU when Team Lebron and Team Wade went head to head in a battle of the superstars.

Lastly, it buys goodwill with the public and gets more people on their side of the negotiation process.  A major component of the FIU game and  the upcoming world tour is the charity aspect.  A large portion of the money earned will be going to a non-profit organization.

This leads me to believe: Why can’t they just donate the percentage of money being contested in the “Basketball Related Income” which has been the center of contention in the negotiations?  That should get the NBA season started in no time.

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