Heat to Target Arenas Next?

With Chauncey Billups claimed off of waivers by the Clippers, the point guard market for the Heat has shrunk considerably.  Will the Heat go after another point guard, namely Gilbert Arenas?  The better question is should the Heat go after another point guard?

Right now, the Heat are slated to start Mario Chalmers at the point.  He has proven himself in the past, and there’s no reason why the Heat shouldn’t succeed with the talented trio right beside him.  We were joking that even Pat Riley could start at point with LeBron and D-Wade playing beside him.

Backing up Chalmers would be rookie Norris Cole out of Cleveland State.  Drafted by the Heat this year, Cole could prove to be a consistent backup.  Then again, he probably won’t get much playing time with the multitude of lineups the Heat play with using LeBron and Wade at the point.  Chalmers averaged just around 20 minutes a game last season and that includes the 28 games he started.

So should the Heat really waste their efforts on a guy who has proven to be erratic on the court and a distraction off the court?  Chemistry is the biggest challenge inhibiting the Heat from their championship aspirations.  Bringing in Arenas would throw that off, especially since he doesn’t bring much more to the table than Chalmers does already.

Let’s give Norris Cole a shot.  If the Big 3 really are the Big 3, Mario Chalmers is more than talented enough to maintain the position.

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