Will Ronny Turiaf be the Heat’s starting center?

Since he was acquired last week. Ronny Turiaf has been a very pleasant surprise for the Miami Heat. In 3 games with the Heat, Turiaf has played an average of 13 minutes and averaged 4.7 and 4 rebounds. His hustle is undeniable, and he tries to be involved on every play, whether it be on offense or defense.

The real debate is whether or not Turiaf should be the Heat’s starting center. Joel Anthony has done a decent job this year, but he doesn’t produce rebound or points. To put it into perspective, in 22 minutes per game Anthony averages 3.2 points, 4.1 rebounds, and 1.4 blocks, while Turiaf does all of that in 13 minutes for a team he has been on for a week. The Heat need a force in the middle and Joel Anthony is just not cutting it right now.

When healthy, Turiaf is a force. Miami is going to use him more and more as they play bigger teams and he has a player option for next season. Do not be surprised if come playoff time, Erik Spoelstra puts Turiaf in the starting 5 to replace Anthony.

Who do you think should be the Heat’s starting center?

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  • WalderSports

    I think calling a healthy Ronny Turiaf a “force” is a bit of an overstatement. He’s a solid backup center in the NBA but that’s all he will ever be. On a team with “The Big 3″, the production they get from that position is the least of their worries. A guy like Joel Anthony who can defend, block and alter shots around the rim is the perfect complement to those 3. Let Turiaf be a spark plug off the bench who can bring energy, rebounding and hustle in a reserve role. It doesn’t really matter if he starts or not.  The Heat will be successful regardless of whether or not Anthony or Turiaf start at center.