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How Well Does Each Miami Heat Lineup Rebound?

The Miami Heat are currently 30th in rebounds per game.  The Heat have 3,043 total rebounds this season; the Indiana Pacers (who lead the NBA in rebounds) have 3,627.

While the Heat are terrible on the glass, there has to be variation amongst the different Miami Heat lineups.  In other words, are there certain Heat lineups that rebound better than others?  I look at Miami Heat lineups that have played at least 100 minutes this year to see which Heat lineups are generally the best at rebounding the ball, and which Heat lineups are generally the worst.

To get an idea of how often each lineup plays


  • The Bosh, Chalmers, Haslem, James, Wade lineup has played the most minutes this year (688) and the Battier, Bosh, Chalmers, James, Wade lineup has played the second most minutes (300).
  • The Allen, Battier, Bosh, James, Wade lineup has rebounded the best out of all Heat lineups that have played more than 100 minutes.
  • However, the percentage of total rebounds grabbed by each lineup is 46.9% and 52.2%, respectively.  This is a difference of around 5%, which does not seem very significant, but if the average team grabs 40 rebounds a game, 5% more means a rebounding difference of four rebounds. (Let’s say Team A and Team B both grab 40 rebounds per game, which means that there are 80 rebounds total.  Thus, the rebounding differential is 0.  If Team A grabs 5% more rebounds then Team B, this means that Team A will grab 42 rebounds and Team B will grab 38 rebounds.  Thus, a rebounding differential of 4.)
  • Four rebounds, while it does not seem very significant, can mean the difference between getting an offensive rebound and subsequent shot to win the game, versus not even being in that position in the first place, or having somebody grab an offensive rebound on you to win the game.


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