Chicago Bulls At Miami Heat: Live Blogging!


Fourth Quarter

Heat win 105-93!

30.8 — Boozer gets his 20th rebound (probably the quietest 20 rebound game you will ever see) and then throws a terrible pass to Kirk Hinrich

1:10 — Bosh HUGE block on Kirk Hinrich!

3:49 — How are the Bulls still in this game (they’re only down by eight)?

Jeff van Gundy: “Shamockery. Sham and Mockery.”


8:00 — 1st 2-point field goal of the second half for the Bulls…can you believe that?

Jeff van Gundy on Ricky Davis returning to the NBA (quoting Hubie Brown): ” Often, when you learn to say hello, it is time to say goodbye.”

9:45 — Ray Allen chase-down blocks Belinelli?  Jeff van Gundy: “Marco Belinelli needs to go to the penalty box if Ray Allen is blocking his stuff.”

Nate Robinson is now 5-15.  First Half Nate = Good Nate, Second Half Nate = Bad Nate

  • Heat lead by 9 points (86-77).
  • There have been 15 total rebounds by both teams this game.

Most Bad-Ass NBA Playoff Commercial To Date:

Third Quarter

9:30 — Chicago Bulls have the lead off of a Hinrich three — until Mike Miller hits an open corner three of his own!

8:30 — Boozer gets away with an elbow and shove on Bosh.  Bosh is unhappy and keeps jawing.  Gets a technical.


7:50 — Mike Miller corner three off of a LeBron lob pass to Wade, who then finds Miller in the corner.  Apparently, Mike Miller has a 41% 3-FG percentage — better than Ray Allen’s 40%.

LeBron approves

6:55 — Belinelli with another three — there’ve been something like 120 threes this quarter already.

4:39 — Tom Thibodeau just got called for a technical foul.

Jeff van Gundy — “Who would win the official Olympics?”

Probably, Ed Hochuli

3:40 — Clear path foul on Boozer (questionable call), so two free throws and possession for Heat.

Here’s Chris Anderson’s Reverse Layup:

2:24 — Heat on the semi-fast break, LeBron finds the Birdman who finishes for the and-1. Heat up by 10!

STATS UPDATE: Bulls are now shooting 50% from three (11-22).

Half-Time Thoughts and Updates: Heat 56 – Bulls 54

Predictions for Second Half?  Tweet me @jaebradley.

Here are my three bold predictions:

  • LeBron finishes with at least 40 points.
  • Nate Robinson does the discount double check.

  • Wade and Jimmy Butler get double technicals.

Nate Robinson’s bank shot to end the half:

Nate Robinson has kept the Bulls in the game.

  • The Bulls are +10 when he has been on the floor.
  • He’s 2-3 from three point range — the rest of the Bulls are shooting 27%.

Mario Chalmers has been superb.

  • 13 points on 4-7 shooting.
  • 3 assists, 1 turnover


  • 6 for 6 from the field
  • 1 for 1 from three point
  • 3 for 3 from the free throw line
  • 16 points

2nd Quarter

Public Service Announcement:  Follow me on twitter @jaebradley!


  • Ray Allen got the ball on a curl to the basket, Birdman’s defender came over to help, Allen hit the Birdman, and then the Birdman did an up-and-under to finish at the hoop.

My reaction to Birdman’s reverse layup

 7:20 — Chris Bosh jumper over Boozer.  Apparently, Carlos Boozer is the only person in the NBA that doesn’t realize that Bosh is one of the deadliest mid-range shooters in the game.  Also this gem from Jeff van Gundy: “If you give up a mid-range jumper to Chris Bosh, that’s good defense” — apparently, van Gundy also doesn’t realize that Bosh is exceptional from mid-range.

5:13 — Chalmers to James for the big slam dunk after the pick-and-roll.  Heat up 15!

3:46 — LeBron James gets called for the BS offensive foul — and then immediately goes to whine to the official.

3:30 — Nate Robinson with a pull-up three (I still can’t believe he’s 5′ 9”).  The Bulls depend on Nate Robinson for a huge chunk of their three point scoring.

When are we going to have hockey assists as an official stat?  That needs to happen now.

2:40 — LeBron James picks up an offensive foul after pushing off of giving Nate Robinson a love tap.

1:00 — Daequan Cook hits a three — Bulls within three (when the hell did that happen)?

34.8 — Nate Robinson hits a three from Cuba — WTF?!?!

18.0 — LeBron James “Bulls” his way to the basket….see what I did there?

3.0 — Nate Robinson bank shot — uh oh, can we get a heat check on this guy?

1st Quarter

12:00 — 1st Quarter: No Deng and no Noah.  We’ll see how this changes the Bulls.

11:oo — LeBron drills a three.  He already has five points.  You think he’s forgotten about March 27th?

9:40 — Bosh hits a nice mid range jumper.  He’s been shooting 50.3% from 15-19 feet away from the basket.

7:30 — LeBron finds Wade with a 3/4 court pass, who then finds Chalmers in the corner. Swish.  That was beautiful.

7:00 — Bosh with a nice up-fake, makes Boozer look silly…

6:00 — Chicago is ice cold.  They’re currently shooting 20% (2-10) from the field.

5:54 — van Gundy is just tearing Carlos Boozer a new one.  I wonder if Boozer has made cereal references about van Gundy’s loved ones….

3:58 — Birdman fouled hard by Nazr Mohammed after a nice feed by LeBron.  Looks like he tweaked his left shoulder.

2:00 — Chicago on a 7-0 run…until Mario Chalmers hits a three.  Chalmers has 11 points to lead all scorers.  The Bulls as a team, have 18 points.

Except, everything is going right in Miami right now.

1:00 — Nate Robinson vs. Norris Cole

0:10 — Mike Miller tips in a missed free throw!

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