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Miami Heat: The Chicago Bulls and The Little Nate That Could

MIAMI— Miami Heat fans brace yourselves for a war.

As I mentioned in an earlier article, the playoffs for the Miami Heat haven’t started until now. The glorified practice run against the hapless Milwaukee Bucks was an injustice — the Bucks were simply not a playoff team. The long rest after the inevitable sweep gave the Bulls a slight advantage in Game 1 over a rusty Miami team.

The Heat will be ready for Game 2 — LeBron James and company won’t let us down.

We will need a healthy Dwayne Wade to advance to the Eastern Conference finals — he’s just that valuable. Wade was able to sleepwalk through the first round series and even take a few games off. Unfortunately, the two-time NBA champion will be desperately needed against this tough Bulls squad. Wade is a superstar in his own right, and I look for him to bring the fire in Game 2 against his hometown Bulls.

We will also need to contain Little Nate as well. Lets give credit where credit is due. Nate played a heck of a game scoring a game high 27 points on 8-of-16 shooting. Little Nate even blew up twitter as well:



It’s not time to panic, it’s just one game in a very long series.  But if you are a Heat Fan Bandwagoner and would like to jump off. Please fill out the form below:


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  • Confucius

    The Miami cHeats are a soft team when someone plays physical against them. Hence a 4-6 record against the top physical teams in the League – Pacers/Bulls/Grizzlies. NBA is in a sorry state now with how the game has changed – Imagine these cHeats against the Bad Boy Pistons/Bulls/Celtics even the Knicks of the 90s with the level of hard play these girls would be happy if they make the playoffs. And that my friends is the truth – Believe That.

    • Eric N. Ellington

      If they Heat do have one weakness, your right, its their physicality. However they can overcome it with their superior talent. The game has changed, and rightfully so. The athletes are bigger, stronger and faster in today’s game and if you were allow the “Bad Boy” type of fouls, it would be too dangerous. Just think how many players would be injured?? Look how many players are injured now…