Heat vs. Spurs: Game 1 Email Exchange Between Air Alamo and All U Can Heat

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I’m gonna go with Tiago Splitter because nobody talks about Tiago Splitter (because, well, he’s Tiago Splitter) but he’s going to be an important figure in this series.  If he can effectively guard Chris Bosh (or Miami’s other big man, Udonis Haslem), that’s going to be a huge bonus on the defensive end.  Also, he and Timmy are responsible for a big chunk of San Antonio’s rebounding — how he plays goes a long way to determining how effectively the Spurs play.

As you pointed out earlier, the Spurs have had a lot of rest.  Do you think by Game 5 or 6 (or even before that), they start getting fatigued?


You just had to bring up the fatigue factor didn’t you?  Well you do know the San Antonio Spurs and when we start doing things out of character, lack of ball movement, taking quick shots, this is all due to that of getting tired.  There will be a point in this series where the San Antonio Spurs legs will feel heavy, it will hit some players more, but I don’t know when I would expect them to show signs of it.  With now being off until Sunday when game two tips, that gives us even more time to rest legs as well. But if I have to give when possibly game five is where we could possibly see it.

So prediction time.  With the San Antonio Spurs up 1-0, taking that important first game in Miami, how do you see game two coming out and who steps up for each team?


I think Miami rebounds with a victory in Game 2.  They haven’t lost back-to-back playoff games this year, and I don’t think that’s about to change in Game 2.  And, though this is no knock on the Spurs’ quality, I thought Miami lost Game 1 more than the Spurs won it (though, I’m sure, Tony Parker would disagree).  So I think Miami gets it together, and wins Game 2 (and with some vengeance).

92-82, Heat.

(That being said, I would not be very surprised with a Spurs victory.  You pit two very good teams against each other, and anything can happen.)


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