Chris Bosh Trade Rumors To Charlotte Bobcats

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A lot of people have been saying this draft sucks, and that this draft is weak.  They’re both right and wrong.  It’s not that bad, but it’s also not that great.  Here’s the thing, this draft is good if you’re able to land a Nerlens Noel, or an Otto Porter, or maybe a Michael Carter-Williams.  But after them…maybe Trey Burke?  Victor Oladipo?  Who the hell is Kentavious Caldwell-Pope?!?!  CAN I JUST KEEP CHRIS BOSH ALREADY?!?!

See what I’m saying?

The Bobcats are offering the #4 pick for Bosh.  Here’s a draft projection that I trust (partly because the guy did some seriously awesome work on it) that involves complex math and statistics, but basically the bottom line is that a +1 grade means the player is probably going to turn into a solid pro.

A +2 grade (or higher) means that a player is probably going to develop into an All-Star caliber player.  There are only two players that are graded at +2 or higher: Nerlens Noel and Otto Porter.  Michael Carter-Williams is graded at +1.8.  The next highest rated player (this would be with pick #4) is Trey Burke with a grade of +1.1.  So basically, the with fourth pick in this year’s draft, you’re getting a solid pro (think Mario Chalmers) by trading away an All-Star in Chris Bosh.

The only argument I can make for trading away Chris Bosh is the age-money argument.  Chris Bosh is 29.  He’s getting old.  He’s getting paid a near-max deal ($17.5 million this year).  Trading him clears a lot of cap space.

More importantly, it brings in some new talent.  The Miami Heat don’t have a draft pick this year.  Trading Chris Bosh will give them at least one draft pick to develop during the LeBron era, and a lottery pick at that.

The only problem is that LeBron is not getting any younger, Dwyane Wade is starting to look like he’s breaking down, and you just traded away your third-best player for a lottery pick that’s not really going to pan out.

What do you think?  Vote now!

Should Chris Bosh Be Traded To The Bobcats?

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