Heat vs. Spurs: 4 Burning Questions For Game 3

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Mandatory Credit: Christian Petersen-Getty/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

1.  The #1 thing the Heat have to do to beat the Spurs in Game 1.

DJ: Play defense. We saw what the Heat’s ‘real defense’ can do to a team in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals vs. the Pacers, and in Game 2 of the NBA Finals vs. the Spurs. When the Heat play their defense, they’re unbeatable.

Kris: Play their game, which includes being efficient on offense, and playing pressure defense.

Justen: DEFENSE!

Ehsan: Continue to force turnovers and hound Tony Parker with double teams and different coverages until it does not work. Popvich is a great coach and the Spurs are a smart team, they’ll make their adjustments, then it will be up to Spolestra to make his.


2.  These next three games are at San Antonio.  How many games do the Heat win?

DJ: I say they take two out of three. With the Heat’s victory over the Spurs in Game 2, it’ll change the momentum of this series in favor of the Heat.

Kris: I believe Miami can win 2 of these 3 games. I think LeBron James can win a game in San Antonio with a great individual performance. I think the role players can win another.

Justen: I’m thinking 2!

Ehsan: I would say the Heat return to Miami up 3-2, so they win two out of three.

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