Heat vs. Spurs: 4 Questions From Game 3

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Jun 11, 2013; San Antonio, TX, USA; Miami Heat center Chris Bosh (1), Ray Allen (34), LeBron James (6), Norris Cole (30) and Dwyane Wade (3) react during a time-out against the San Antonio Spurs in the fourth quarter during game three of the 2013 NBA Finals at the AT

In case you missed Game 3 (or want to rewatch the highlights) here’s the NBA’s own “micro-movie” of Game 3:


Huge blowout loss for the Heat.  What was the most surprising thing about the loss?

Kris: That the Heat STILL haven’t found a way to stick close to Danny Green. I wrote about the need to stick close to him after 4 threes in Game 1 and 5 threes in Game 2. 7 threes in Game 3 makes that a disturbing trend.

Ehsan: The consistent lack of effort. Man, that was not the Heat team we saw in Game 2. It was like watching the second half of Game 1 all game long. That needs to be fixed before Game 4.

Justen: The most surprising thing was the lack of effort I saw out there. Completely unmotivated for some odd reason.


LeBron hasn’t really played well in the past two games. What’s going on with LeBron?

Kris: I think he’s been made to believe that he can decide when to turn it on and off and it doesn’t work like that against the best of the best. This is the final series of the season and a legacy defining series for his career. This is not the time to play around with strategies. Do what got you here.

Ehsan: He’s playing wayyyyyy too passively. Yes, the Spurs have found a way to slow him down, but he has been to quick to give up the ball. When he was posting in the first quarter, good things happened for Miami. Needs to work on that game 4. Those outside shots are not going to fall unless he finds a rhythm.

Justen: Nothing is wrong with LeBron. The Spurs are just that good.

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