Analyzing The Spurs' Three Point Barrage In Game 3

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Part II: Bad Defense

When the player you’re guarding is shooting something like 1,000,000% from three point range in the NBA Finals (okay, I exaggerate), you should never go underneath a screen.  Always go over.  Mike Miller forgot who he was guarding and gets caught by a Tiago Splitter screen.

The Spurs are bringing the ball up the court, and Mike Miller is guarding Gary Neal.  Or at least, Mike Miller somewhere near the vicinity of Gary Neal.  “Mike Miller” and “guarding somebody” are four words that are rarely combined, if ever.

Anyways, as Tiago Splitter does Tiago Splitter things (such as waving), you can kinda see where this is going.

Tiago Says “Hi!”

This is where Mike Miller is probably thinking “Where’s my man?  Where’s Gary Neal?  Oh, there he — aww, s     .  Why do I always end up day dreaming about fly fishing during the NBA Finals?”

Needless to say, Gary Neal realizes how open he is and says…

“……Wait a minute.  I’m w-i-d-e open.  Let me just take this open three pointer.”

Again, the closest Heat defender (Mike Miller) is at least ten feet (if not more) away from Gary Neal as Neal has already started his shooting motion.

The moral of the story is, if a player is a known shooting threat don’t go underneath the screen (right, Mike Miller?). I don’t care if you have the agility of a beached turtle, if you’re going to be beaten on defense, don’t give a three point shooter an open three — force the three point shooter to drive to the hoop and hope that your help defense does what it’s supposed to.

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