Heat vs. Spurs: Game 4 Preview -- Do or Die Time

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However, Bosh is nowhere near the flaccid levels of Dwyane Wade.  Once a clear top-five NBA player, I don’t even think Dwyane Wade would crack a top-50 NBA player list right now.   So far in the playoffs, Wade is averaging a paltry 14 points per game and shooting only 44% from the field.  Wade once stunned the NBA world by leading the Miami Heat to an NBA Championship (and Wade was named Finals MVP to boot).  Now, the NBA world is stunned by Wade’s lack of production.

Game 4 could be the end of the road for this Miami Heat team, and particularly, The Big Three.

That is, unless they can John McClane the f      out of the San Antonio Spurs (who are the Hans Grubers of the NBA world — foreign, efficient, and deadly).

Yippee ki yay





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