One Chart That'll Blow Your Mind: Manu Ginobili Is Lightning In A Bottle

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Manu Ginobili started at shooting guard last night, and for the first time in the NBA Finals (arguably) we saw the Manu Ginobili of old.

No, not this guy.

More like this guy:

He scored 24 points on an efficient 8-of-14 shooting.  He had 10 assists.  He had a +/- of plus 19.  (This means, when Manu played, the Spurs outscored the Heat by 19 points.  To put this into perspective, the next highest +/- from a Spurs starter was Danny Green, who was plus six.  In other words, Manu rocked last night.)

The thing is, we probably won’t see Game 5 — Manu Ginobili in this series again.  Take a look at this graph:

If I could have a nickname for Manu Ginobili at this point in the playoffs, it would be Mr. Erratic.  He’s been all over the place in the playoffs (at least so far).  He’s gone from scoring five points in a game (Game 4 of the NBA Finals) to scoring as many as 24 points (Game 5 of the NBA Finals) in the next game.

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