Heat vs. Spurs: Game 6 Preview -- Put Up, Or Shut Up

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Manu was the difference in Game 5, but as I talked about in this article, he’s been Mr. Erratic in the playoffs, and usually only has one “big” game per playoff series.  His big game of this series was in Game 5 (24 points, 10 assists).  I doubt we see another impactful Manu Ginobili performance for the rest of the NBA Finals (granted, “the rest of the NBA Finals” is at most, two games).

Danny Green, on the other hand, seems to have big games, every game.  He’s been a showstopper throughout this series, and pretty much half of Game 5’s highlights had to do with Danny Green.  The stats back up what the eyes see as well.  For instance, Danny Green has been shooting at a torrid pace — just check out his true shooting percentage numbers from the playoffs (true shooting percentage is basically like field goal percentage but adjusted for whether somebody shoots threes, twos, or free throws).

So the takeaways are:

  • Danny Green’s been killing it.
  • And Manu’s not going to be productive tonight.
  • And LeBron, Wade, and Bosh, and Danny Green, Tim Duncan, and Tony Parker cancel each other out.
  • And because Miami’s bench is better than the Spurs’, and because the game is in Miami, Miami wins Game 6.
  • At least, that’s what the Heat hope happens.  Because it’s “put up, or shut up” time.

What do you think?

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