Three Reasons Why The Heat Should Trade Dwyane Wade

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1.  Dwyane Wade is 31 years old.

Which means he’ll be 32 years old next year, which means he’s probably going to suck.  According to Wages of Wins, NBA players usually peak around age 25-26.  After that, they slowly decline until they hit age 32, when they start declining rapidly.

Here’s the graph that Wages of Wins use to show the growth and decline of a typical NBA player.

You might be wondering what “expected performance change from previous season” actually means?  It’s basically how much better (or worse) a player is expected to play when he goes from, say, 25 to 26.

According to the data analysts at Wages of Wins, we should expect around a 22% decline in production from Dwyane Wade in the next year, and a 35% decline in production in the year after that.

And we’ve already seen the beginning of this decline — Wade averaged 21.1 points per game this year, his lowest scoring average since his rookie season when he averaged 16.2 points per game.  In addition, Wade’s playoff scoring average of 15.8 points per game this year was his lowest ever.  He averaged more points per game when he made the playoffs in his rookie season (18.0 points per game) then he did during the playoffs this year.

On top of that, Wade has been experiencing severe knee problems, which certainly don’t help Wade’s explosive and aggressive style of play.

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