Why The Celtics Front Office Is A Joke

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Two words: Kelly.  Olynyk.

That’s why the Boston Celtics moved up from #16 to #13 in the draft.

To nab Kelly “The All-American With The Hair” Olynyk.

And it’s not like the Boston Celtics were able to swap picks with the Dallas Mavericks (who held the #13 pick) and throw in a couple second-rounders and a six-pack of Samuel Adams.  No, the Celtics gave up their #16 pick and their first-born two second-rounders in next year’s draft, which is supposed to be one of the best drafts in recent years.

This, coming on the coattails of what seems to be a massive rebuilding project from the Celtics organization.

First, they shipped long-time coach, Doc Rivers (who was in Boston for nine years) to the Clippers for an unprotected first round draft pick in 2015.  There were rumors that this had to do with the tenuous relationship between Doc Rivers and point guard Rajon Rondo, especially with reports surfacing that the two almost got into a physical altercation recently after Rondo cursed out Doc.

Whatever the reasons may be, getting rid of Doc was a sign from the Celtics organization that it was time for a fresh start. A new era.

Then today, the Celtics followed this narrative by being the focus of trade talks with the Brooklyn Nets — the Celtics reportedly were looking to trade aging stars Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and maybe even Jason Terry (“WHAT??? JET’S LEAVING?!?!  NOOOOO.” — said no Celtics fans anywhere).

In return, the Celtics would get Gerald Wallace (“Ew.” — Celtics fans everywhere), Kris Humphries (“Ewwwwwww.” — Celtics fans everywhere), and Reggie Evans (“This is a joke, right.  Right?!?!  RIGHT?!?!”) along with some players that nobody actually cares about (Tornike Shengalia, Keith Bogans, and one undisclosed player).  Most importantly, the Celtics would get three first round picks (one in 2014, one in 2016, and one in 2018).

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