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Dwyane Wade Appears On Jay Leno

Last night, Dwyane Wade dropped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. As always, Wade was wonderfully dressed, this time in a sharp, if not conservative suit. Although for the most part, the interview was uninformative and cookie cutter, we did learn a couple of things from Wade.

If you tuned in to hear inside news regarding next year’s possible free agency, Wade gave up nothing. He even remembered to point out that there might not be any free agency at all. He stated that he couldn’t divulge anything because he was sure there were South Florida media people watching just for a glimpse into the Big Three’s future.

However, Wade left no doubt to the importance of the upcoming season. He invoked the Lakers and the Bulls as teams the Heat were trying to emulate historically. There was no backing away from, nor downplaying the Heat going for the “3-peat.” Which isn’t a surprise, this team and especially its stars has never backed down from the pressures of history.

Wade did touch on LeBron James’ wedding. When asked by Leno if it was a ‘top-secret’ affair, he confirmed, admitting that cell phones were not even permitted. The wedding was/is so secret, that he wouldn’t divulge any more information other than to say he had a great time, and it was a beautiful event.

An interesting factoid about the season opener is it’s Wade’s significant other’s (Gabrielle Union) birthday. So on opening night, the Bulls will not only be faced with a Dwyane Wade beginning his redemption tour, his quest for a fourth ring and a three-peat, but also playing to win one for his love. Should be fun to watch.

Wade also dropped some parenting knowledge. When talking about vacationing with his sons, he admitted to fear of doing daring things, especially when water was involved. Sometimes when his boys want to do something outside of Wade’s comfort zone, he invokes his Miami Heat contract. Trouble is there’s nothing in his Heat contract preventing him from parasailing. Thus imparting the important lesson all parents should learn, sometimes the best thing you can do is lie to your children. (Please put away your pitch forks if you’ve taught your kids about Santa, the Easter Bunny, or ever blamed that smell on your dog.)

All in all, it was a good late night talk show interview, see above for a quick snippet.

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