(Sort of) Overreactions from Game 1

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Apr 20, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat forward James Jones (22) reacts after making a three point basket against the Charlotte Bobcats during the second half in game one during the first round of the 2014 NBA Playoffs at American Airlines Arena. The Heat won 99-88. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Editor’s note: The following are overreactions from Game 1 of the Miami Heat’s first-round playoffs series against the Charlotte Bobcats, in which the Heat throttled the ‘Cats 99-88. The AUCH staff weighs in.

1. Dwyane Wade is back, baby!

WG: Any not going anywhere! Did you see him cutting and bouncing and defending? Erik Spoelstra is going to patent the maintenence program, quit his job and tour the world of sports getting over-the-hill athletes back to their prime. Next up, James Dolan pays Spo $3 million to repair Amare Stoudemire, but Spo gets to stay in Florida.

Blaine Hunkins: I believe he is back, but if the Heat get up on the Bobcats 3-0, Spo really needs to think about sitting him. Wade has proven that he doesn’t need warmup games to get back into his groove. Baring he stays healthy, a three peat is locked in the Heat’s sights.

Ryan Smith: Definitely NOT an overreaction. Just because Wade sat out almost a third of the year to rest doesn’t mean he’s still not an elite star in the NBA. When Wade did play this year he was as efficient as ever – now rested for the playoffs, he should be ready to contribute big time.

Jimmy Cook: To be honest, I believe this to be true (at least for this postseason). The entire point of Dwayne sitting out as much as he did this season was for him to be healthy come playoff time. While I was frustrated with giving up the one-seed at first, as long as Wade is healthy I felt like it would be worth it. So far the numbers seem to support this: 18 ppg, 3 apg while shooting roughly 55% from the field since his return on 4/12 against the Hawks. Plus being the two-seed might not even matter if the Pacers keep playing like they have (more on that later). I’m not saying he’ll never suffer another set back, but I think he’ll stay healthy this postseason, and if he does it will be the first time since 2011 we’ve really seen a healthy Big 3 for a whole post-season (Bosh in ’12, Wade in ’13), and that is scary to think about.

Kristopher Keaton: Dwyane Wade MAY be back, but he also may NOT be. He’ll turn in these encouraging performances, and then come up hobbling in the next one.. While I DO hope he’s back to stay, the realist in me says hold on a second.

Ehsan Kassim: Wade is still a superstar player when he is healthy. I believe the Heat did a wonderful job keeping Wade fresh throughout the season and we’ll see him have a monster post-season. Credit Spo and Wade for sticking to the game plan and executing it so well. This is far from an overreaction.

David Ramil: Yes…and no. I think he’ll be able to hover around 85-95% throughout the playoffs but that won’t always translate to the kind of production he had in Game 1. A few more games like that, however, should be enough to keep Miami winning.

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