(Sort of) Overreactions from Game 1

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2. The Big Three are Resigning, Opt-O-Meter to 11!

WG: I have a copy of the contract right here. See?!


BH: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. What else is Arison going to say, 50/50? My guess is that if the Heat at least reach the title, LeBron will stay.

RS: Somewhat of an overreaction. Barring some sort of epic collapse in the playoffs I expect the big three to all resign. With that said, let’s just get that championship so then there are absolutely no doubts.

JC: Let’s look at the facts here: Other than Haslem, Wade is the closest thing to a Miami lifer that the Heat have, and I don’t see him going anywhere else. After reading LeBatard’s article on Pat Riley and the Family based values the Heat present LeBron, I can’t imagine him taking his talents away from South Beach. In addition, LeBron and DWade are almost like that package deal, you know when you were younger and you’d play a pick up game and you’d be like, “Nah man, you don’t get me unless you take him too,” that’s Bron and Wade. Plus the overall picture of LeBron’s family being in Miami and having to up root their lives to go somewhere else, I just don’t see it. Lastly, there’s Big Shot Bosh or as I like to call him, The Raptor. The only reason Bosh isn’t there, is if you feel like you can lure somebody better than him to AmericanAirlines Arena. The one thing that makes the Heat unique (other than having the King) is having not one, not two, but THREE All-Stars in the rotation. Say what you will about him, but Bosh is undervalued and will remain intact unless another all-star emerges…KABOSH.

KK: THIS is something worth overreacting to. Te Luxury Tax was looked at as the main foil in a Big Three breakup. But if the owner (the only person this may directly affect) says the guys will be back, then I believe the Big Three era isn’t over yet.

EK: I never thought any of the Big 3 had a huge chance of leaving anyways, 11 is an overreaction, but I think we are hovering around the 8-9 area right now.

DR: Tough to argue with the man with the checkbook. But what else is he supposed to say??? LeBatard put him on the spot and, as an owner, he’s gotta encourage the fans, even when he’s wrong (see also: Dan Gilbert’s The Letter)

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