Apr 23, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat forward LeBron James (right) greets guard Dwyane Wade (left) after defeating the Charlotte Bobcats in game two during the first round of the 2014 NBA Playoffs at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Phoenix Suns May Make Run at LeBron James in Free Agency Because Why Not

The Miami Heat are up 2-0 on the Charlotte Bobcats but one topic hanging in the back of everyone’ mind is will this be the last time we’re seeing LeBron and the Big 3 making this kind of a postseason run? If you consult the Phoenix Suns, they’ll very happily tell you that it is the final

According to Suns beat writer Paul Coro, Phoenix is very serious about pursuing the top free agents on the market this summer and one of those players may end up being LeBron James. While the plan that Coro lays out in which the Suns land LeBron is hilarious, it gets even funnier and more improbable.

To that end, the Suns would not be done with signing James. The Suns become a lot more attractive to Kevin Love if James is around and if Love is on the trade market this summer. Dream big.

Cue the ‘lulz’ on that one, as just signing James alone s grand but then trading for Kevin Love? Obviously, Coro has a point in that the Suns will miss one hundred percent of the chances they don’t take, but LeBron opting out is unlikely to begin with and him opting out to sign in Phoenix — as cute as their story was this year — is laughable.

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  • Cece

    ” but LeBron opting out is unlikely to begin with and him opting out to
    sign in Phoenix — as cute as their story was this year — is laughable.”

    Cleveland didn’t find it so ” Laughable” when James left for Miami did they ?? Odds are pretty long that James signs in Phoenix,,,,,,,,,But hey , Don’t think for a moment that James leaving Miami is outta the question . New York , Los Angeles , or Chicago all have bright lights too. History has a chance to repeat itself , and thinking that Lebron will retire as a member of the Heat,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,well that there is simply ” Laughable “.

    Clearly if Miami doesn’t win this year , we’ll all share some good laughs , as everyone in Miami ponders , and fears what James’s decision will be.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,stay tuned !!

  • Kerry

    Heat will fall this year and if James leaves and heads to the Suns we wouldn’t need Love, it would be awesome but not necessary. If James joined the Suns we’d have Bledsoe, Dragic, James, Frye, Plumee and an amazing bench. Suns could go a strong 10 deep.