Apr 23, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat center Chris Bosh (right) looks over at Charlotte Bobcats forward Josh McRoberts (11) in game two during the first round of the 2014 NBA Playoffs at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

(Sort of) Overreactions from Game 2

Editor’s note: The following are overreactions from Game 2 of the Miami Heat’s first-round playoffs series against the Charlotte Bobcats, in which the Heat throttled the ‘Cats 101 to 97. The AUCH staff weighs in.

1. Josh McRoberts should be FINED and SUSPENDED for his Falcon Punch to LeBron’s throat! What the hell was that? 

Kristopher Keaton: I think the league is going to review that flying forearm shiver from the Macho Man.. I mean McRoberts. But seriously, the league is going to take a look at it and there’s a good chance a fine, at the very least, is coming.

David Ramil: Worse…let Birdman shave a mohawk on him at center court. He can donate the hair to Locks for Love…after all, he’s gonna need the charitable tax write-off after he gets fined for driving his elbow into LeBron’s larynx!

Blaine Hunkins: I love McRoberts’ playstyle, but he has been known to play a little dirty over the years. I don’t think his foul warrants a suspension, but I think he certainly deserves a fine. You just can’t elbow the other team’s best player, let alone the best player in the world.

Jimmy Cook: Initially, thanks to the only Standard Definition picture quality of Indiana University cable, I thought the elbow to LeBron’s throat was accidental. However, after seeing it online in HD, there’s no doubt in my mind that malicious intent was behind McBob’s McBow. He didn’t try to make a play on the ball! He LED with the elbow! This year has been Open Season on ‘Bron, and apparently referees are looking the other way when a defender tries to deny him a path to the lane. We’ve seen tackles, head locks, shots to the nose, and now the McBow. A message needs to be sent to the rest of the league before James gets seriously hurt, and the McBob McBow incident is the perfect time for an example to be made. Fine him, but ONLY fine him,  playing for the bobcats is worse than a suspension. Maybe that should be the punishment! Instead of suspensions you have to go play for the Bobcats! Genius!

Wes Goldberg: All I’m saying is if that’s not a flagrant, then what is?



KK: There is NO way LeBron flopped. A forearm like that to a normal individual would cause serious damage.

DR: Uh…no. Look I know LeBron can occasionally over-reacts to fouls but this was no flop. Amazing how some of the tweets after the game were supportive of McRoberts. Let’s not confuse solid defensive plays with punching a man IN HIS THROAT WHILE HE’S UP IN THE AIR!!!

BH: Flopping’s a part of the game, sadly. It will never stop, even if the NBA increases the fines. Case closed. If you’re referring to the McRoberts foul, it was definitely not a flop. I’m even surprised LeBron got up after that.

JC: If you actually know what a flop looks like, and what LeBron flopping looks like, you’d realize this was not it. Players flop everyday, it’s becoming as accepted as traveling is in the league. Don’t believe? Check out today’s youth basketball, the footage speaks for it self:


WG: /Tosses the Heat Hater out of the blog

3. Chris Bosh should take all the three-pointers!

KK: This may not be a bad idea in some stretches. His job is to stretch the floor so that LeBron and Wade have better driving lanes. His money spot is the mid-range jumper elbow-extended, but if he’s hitting threes like he did last night, he can keep shooting them.

DR: Yes! Until he starts missing them, anyway. Look, Ray’s been off and James Jones couldn’t duplicate this Game 1 heroics..we needed Bosh to come through and he did. For a while he was actually carrying the team while the ‘Cats staged their comeback.

BH: Besides Ray Allen, I feel safe the most when Bosh shoots a three. The guy made it apart of his game, and he’s shooting proficiently. Kudos to Bosh.

JC: I love saying KABOSH much as the next guy, but I think the amount of threes that The Raptor currently takes is a perfect number. Bosh needs to keep doing what he’s doing. He’s shown he’s capable of consistently knocking it down, but he doesn’t use the three every possession, and that’s what makes it deadly, because you never know when it’s coming. It also makes saying KABOSH that much more entertaining. Twice in one post? Beautiful.

WG: And all the mid-range shots from the elbow! And he should drive more! RAWRRRRRR.

4. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is about to have a Paul George-like breakout series. Mark my words.
Kidd-Gilchrist was actually born in my hometown, so it’s nice to see him play on the big stage of the NBA playoffs. Yes, his jump shot and free throws are hard to watch, but the kid plays hard and is improving. But a Paul George-like takeoff seems unlikely.

DR: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….oh, sorry. He’ll be lucky if he hits double-digit scoring for the rest of the series. Having said that, if he gets his points that likely means everybody else is getting shut down. I can live with that.

BH: That’s like saying Norris Cole is going to have a CP3 like season next year. While MKG has a lot of potential, his ceiling isn’t as high as Paul George’s. He can pound the glass, but can’t shoot to save his life. That reminds me of Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, sorry MKG.

JC: Maybe if they were playing the Bucks….maybe.

WG: Like all these questions, I made this one up. I started laughing uncontrollably around the word “breakout” and the threw up after I added “Mark my words.”

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