May 8, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat fans react after Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah (13) was ejected from the game during the fourth quarter during a game against the Miami Heat in game two of the second round of the 2013 NBA Playoffs at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Heat Fan Trolls Chicago Bulls For Whining All The Time (Photo)

You may have been seeing these ‘Heart over Hype’ memes and images popping up all over the place as that has been the adopted rallying cry for many Heat fans this season as the three-peat is attempted. It’s true that you can’t spell ‘Heart’ without ‘Heat’ but not everyone is on board with the slogans.

Specifically, cry baby Bulls fans are not onboard with the slogan as they’ve taken exception to the Heat not only lasting longer than they did in the postseason but to the fact that the Miami Dynasty is now rivaling that of the 90s Bulls. To answer sore Bulls fans, a Redditor calling themselves ‘GNTRX’ created the best troll we can send Chicago’s way as it’s both hilarious and true.

Credit: GNTRX

Credit: GNTRX

Enough. Said.

Look, there’s a lot of respect for the Bulls dynasty of the 90s as it helped transition the league from the way the game was played in past to the way it’s played and watched today. But part of that transition means handing the reigns off to another dynasty and that dynasty is in South Beach.

You didn’t hear Lakers fans whining about Michael Jordan and the Bulls taking over as dynasty kings but you can’t throw a stone in Chicago without someone bashing the Heat. But hey, if Miami is good at anything it’s living in the moment and at the moment, the Heat are kings.

Then again, they don’t call them the ‘Baby Bulls’ for nothing.

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  • Jc Burton

    Wow, the reddit has four whole comments. This is newsworthy! The author of this article is a joke. 3 heated playoff games tonight and you write about this dog shit. Ever watch a heat game? Only three people are ever on offense because they’re crying about not getting a call.

  • Patrick Wilson Sr.

    Heat suck no matter what happened to Bulls! Heat won’t win another championship ever again! Mark my word….

    • iammyfatherson

      bet u said that in 2012.. and then again in 2013. not good for your blood pressure

  • Michael

    Hahahahaha, who wrote this? How in any way whatsoever is this heat team rivalling the greatest basketball dynasty of all time? Please explain, they have won 2 championships they haven’t double threepeated, they bought a team not built a team, they haven’t set any records and are all in or past their prime, they will win a maximum of 2 more titles with this team then they will be past it, if mj didn’t retire the bulls could of won 8 straight, your crazy to even suggest they come close to the 90′s bulls.

    • –Aaron

      Thank you! Well said.

    • Nick

      thank u^^ enough said

  • Josh Hill

    Josh Hill bears a strong resemblance to KD Lang. Oh yeah 72-10.

  • john

    Y’all stupid bitches…fuck the heat #Heatk

  • Nick

    “baby bulls”? literally no one calls them that dipshit. they finished 4th in the east without rose and deng, remove lebron and wade and ur tellin me bosh carries them to the playoffs? LOL NOO FUCKING CHANCE. this article is bullshit, shove it up ur ass.

  • redrum21

    The Heat are rivaling the 90′s Bulls? Lol, is this a joke? Who comes up with this crap. Let me know when the Heat win 6 championships and have two 3-peats. smdh!

  • Han Solo

    If Chaz Bono and Ellen Degeneres had a baby that baby would be Josh Hill.