Mar 19, 2014; Boston, MA, USA; Miami Heat forward Michael Beasley (8) dribbles the ball as Boston Celtics guard/forward Jeff Green (8) chases during the first quarter at TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Are Miami Heat Keeping Michael Beasley On Bench to Lower His Free Agent Value?

It’s conspiracy theory Friday and it seems there’s a doozy of one starting to float around some circles in the NBA. While the Heat are focusing on getting healthy and staying rested for their Conference Semifinals showdown against either the Raptors or Nets, it appears that one player is getting some attention for an interesting reason.

In Ira Winderman’s daily Q&A piece, one fan asked him an interesting question — are the Heat purposefully keeping Michael Beasley on the bench so that when he hits free agency this year his value will be low? While this seems like a possible motivation, Winderman soundly disagrees.

This has nothing to do with Beasley or Shane Battier or politics or economics with any player who either is or isn’t playing. The reality is that with James Jones getting playing time, and with Rashard Lewis still getting minutes, there is such little possibility of Beasley getting minutes that Spoelstra has preferred keeping both Toney Douglas and Greg Oden active.

What Winderman wanted to say and couldn’t is that this is a stupid question — a really stupid question. Sure, the Heat would love to bring back Beasley next season but if they know he’s good, then why would purposefully benching him serve any positive purpose?

In addition, if a random fan can figure out the Heat benching Beasley to lower his value, that right there tells you professional GMs will be able to see through the facade too. Bottom line, Beasley returning in 2014-15 has less to to about his being on the bench and more with what he can do on the court in the postseason.

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  • ThePrufessa

    I’m still confused why he’s not playing though. I had him on a couple of fantasy teams early in the season and he was putting up pretty decent numbers early on. Then all of a sudden he’s not getting any playing time.

    • Drew

      He isn’t 100% after that ankle injury. I expect him to get some PT next round. But he’s gotta play defense for Spo to trust him.

      • ThePrufessa

        Is that in the injury report?

  • Drew

    Beasley is a special talent. Can stretch the floor and handle the ball coast to coast. . We should definitely keep him. I believe he can be our new Shane Battier with benefits once he buys into the Miami Heat Culture

  • MikeFromHighSchoolHigh

    Well either way theyre dumb as hell for not using a young athletic wing that can space the floor or put the ball on the floor and make plays. He might be Battier on D but he plays solid D that can get stops. #FreeBeas

  • Pm81

    I agree. Beasley should play !!

  • George Edouard

    i think Eric spo. is one of the most stupid coatch in the nba. beasly has so much talent ,he can easily with a vote of confidence make miami heat fans forget about lebron james

  • George Edouard

    i am cofused by this stupid coatch

  • George Edouard

    when miami lost to dallas in the final , the stupid coatch has iglauskas 7″3 onthe bench while playing anthony and haslem on gminsky ?? 7 feet

  • George Edouard

    beasly definitely is a special talent. with a vote of confidence ,he could easily make the miami fans forget about the ingrat whose name is lebron james