LeBron James Opt-O-Meter: After Heat Beat Nets in Game 2


Editor’s note: After every playoff game the All U Can Heat staff weighs in on the “LeBron James Opt-O-Meter” — the real-time measurement of LeBron’s mood in regards to whether or not he will stay in Miami after he opts out of his contract this summer. It’s not difficult to understand: 1 means he’s gone, like ‘Seeyuh, Miami, I’m going to Los Angeles’ gone. 10 means he’s staying, like already signed the contract in red gel pen staying. Like going in on South Florida-based investments with David Beckham staying. The reading is the average combined rating from the AUCH staff.

5/8 Opt-O-Reading: 9

Wes Goldberg: Allen will probably retire, so it doesn’t matter much if he has a good game. Meanwhile, Bosh (18 points) and Wade (14 points) had meh games. Not something LeBron is convinced he should come back for. Based on one game, and only this one game, I’m going with a 7.

David Ramil: I’m going 9 on this one, just because it was an ugly win and, if I’m not mistaken, Mario Chalmers actually refused to give ‘Bron the ball during that crucial stretch at the end of the game when Miami kept getting the offensive rebound and James kept missing shots. Let’s blow this up for our Over-Reactionizer!!!

Blaine Hunkins: 10. The Heat played an overall great game, not to mention shutting down Deron Williams. Although Teletovic got off to a good start, the Heat were able to contain him down the stretch. LeBron leads the Heat to a Game 2 win and a 2-0 series lead! 

Kristopher Keaton: 10. Ray Allen saved the day. Again. LeBron has to be happy with that.

Jimmy Cook: 10. This game was all about hustle for the Heat. Spo said in the 4th it would all come down to 50-50 balls, and that 1:20 long offensive possession with 3 rebounds showed they listen. Though Miami started of slow, for the second straight game they looked almost unbeatable. Plus another sensational performance by Bosh. With everything clicking so smoothly, right now it’s safe to say, King James will stay.

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