Post-Game Grades: LeBron James Takes Game 4 vs Nets

Miami Heat 102, Brooklyn Nets 96

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LeBron James: ALL OF THE A+’s

16-24 FG (3-6 3FG),14-19 FT,  6 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 steals, 1 block, 1 turnover, 49 points

LeBron is the only one that gets graded because he was the only one that showed up for the entirety of Game 4. It seems the first quarter of Game 3 was just the preview of this whole contest, with LeBron”s score by quarter reading 12, 13, 15 and then nine.

“But he only had two assists!” That’s because no one else could make a shot. LeBron also had three steals that led to points in transition and took points away from Brooklyn. He even defended the Nets’ best scorer–Joe Johnson–for part of the game!

People, LeBron is a machine crossed with a beast.

Sure, Chris Bosh had a huge three-pointer. But who got him open? LeBron. With the hockey assist. He drove to the middle of the lane and, while being hounded by two of Prokhorov’s goons, got a great pass off to Mario Chalmers who swung it to Bosh in the corner.

Yeah, Dwyane Wade got a big rebound after LeBron missed a jumper. But someone had to take the shot! Ray Allen had some clutch free throws,  I know. LeBron played almost the entire fourth quarter with five fouls.

Was it a team effort? NO. It was a LeBron effort. He gets all of the A+’s.

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