May 6, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat forward LeBron James (6) prior to a game against the Brooklyn Nets in game one of the second round of the 2014 NBA Playoffs at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James Won't Play in 2014-15 if Donald Sterling Remains Clippers Owner

One of the biggest stories in the NBA and all of sports remains the moronic and hideous comments made by Clippers owner Donald Sterling and the fallout still hasn’t completely settled in. One thing we do all know is that Sterling hasn’t been removed as owner of the team and that has angered more than a few NBA players.

One of those players is LeBron James and if Sterling isn’t removed, NBAPA president Roger Mason Jr says the Miami Heat star is prepared for drastic measures to make sure something happens.

Per Eye on Basketball:

“If it’s not handled by… the start of next season, I don’t see how we’re playing basketball. I was just in the locker room with LeBron. At the end of the day, you know we have leaders. We have player reps, we’ve got executive committee members…. Leaders of the teams, they’re all saying the same thing, ‘If this man is still in place, we ain’t playing’.”

There were talks of league wide boycotts immediately after the Sterling controversy broke, but that never happened. But if Sterling isn’t removed as owner, there will be some explaining for the NBA to do to it’s players, even if that explanation is of the legal reasons why it  will take some time to remove Sterling as owner of the Clippers.

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