NBA Playoffs Odds: Miami Heat Remain Favorites to Win Title

A lot of people are simply assuming that the Miami Heat are going to win their third straight title in as many years, and we keep getting evidence that this will indeed happen. Not only have the Heat been set up with a great matchup they can easily win against Indiana, but they’re the odds-favotire to win it all again.

Here’s a look at the updated odds for who is the safest bet to win the NBA Finals this year:

Miami Heat — 6/5

San Antonio Spurs 11/5

Oklahoma City Thunder — 3/1

Indiana Pacers 10/1

Unsurprisingly, the Indiana Pacers are the long shots to win the title as they have the hardest road to get there. That doesn’t mean we can simply count them out, but the Pacers running into the Heat is not a good thing for Indiana, no matter if they have home court advantage or not.

Anything is possible, but once again the Miami Heat are the safe bets in the postseason.

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